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Pink Heart necklace


Brighten your style with the Pink Heart Necklace, a 925 Sterling Silver jewelry piece from the Rainbow Collection. Its 18K powder pink stone heart, surrounded by silver brilliants, makes it an elegant and versatile option. Adjustable length from 45 + 5 cm, 12mm heart. Two-year warranty in accordance with Italian regulations. Add a splash of color and brightness to your jewelry collection with the Pink Heart Necklace.

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Discover the elegance and sophistication of our Pink Heart Necklace, a unique piece of jewelry made of 925 Sterling Silver. This precious necklace is distinguished by its luminous appeal, made even brighter by the setting of fine silver brilliants and the heart-shaped powder pink center stone made of 18K stone.

Its length of 45cm + 5cm makes it adaptable to any style requirement, while the 12mm heart forms the central focus of the composition, recalling delicate and romantic tones.

It is part of our exclusive Rainbow Collection, a collection inspired by the vibrancy of summer and the explosion of colors. This Pink Heart necklace is not just an accessory, but a true style statement, capable of enriching and brightening any look, whether for special occasions or everyday life.

In accordance with Italian regulations, we guarantee the quality and authenticity of this jewelry for two years. Carry a piece of elegance and sophistication with you: choose the Pink Heart Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver. Your style, your essence, your necklace.

Pink heart necklace made of 925 silver.


Necklace length: 45+5cm

Heart: 12 mm

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