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Love Necklace


Express your everlasting love with the 925 Sterling Silver Love Necklace, ideal for Valentine’s Day. Featuring a double bright ruby red cubic zirconia heart and a customizable length of 40cm + 5cm, it is the perfect gift to say “I Love You.” Conforms to Italian regulations.

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Celebrate love and uniqueness with our “Love Necklace,” the perfect accessory to make every Valentine’s Day unforgettable. This necklace, made entirely of 925 Sterling Silver, expresses the purest affection and eternal love, the ideal gift to say “I Love You.”

The Amore Necklace is distinguished by its double heart-shaped stone in brilliant ruby red cubic zirconia. The eye-catching design and the shine of the ruby red cubic zirconia catch the eye, making this jewelry a true symbol of love.

In accordance with current Italian regulations, our necklace is made from the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring a strong and durable piece of jewelry.

The jewelry has a total length of 45cm, consisting of a 40cm chain and a 5cm extension, allowing a customizable fit for every woman.

The 925 Sterling Silver Love Necklace for Valentine’s Day is more than just jewelry; it is an expression of affection and dedication that transcends time and distance.


Made of 925 sterling silver.


Chain length: 40cm+5cm

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