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Zampetta necklace


Celebrate your beloved four-legged friends with our 316 L Steel “Paw Necklace.” With an adjustable length of 40+5 cm and a 14.5 mm pendant, this piece of jewelry is a perfect emblem of your love for animals. Available in three color variants, complying with current Italian regulations. Ideal for any animal lover.


Immerse yourself in the warmth and love of your four-legged friends with our exclusive 316 L Steel “Paw Necklace.” This sophisticated piece of jewelry, specially made for all animal lovers, is the perfect tribute to the special bond we share with our beloved pets.

Made from quality 316 L steel, this necklace is sturdy and durable, suitable for everyday wear. The length of the chain is 40 cm, with an extra 5 cm extension to make sure it fits your style perfectly.

The highlight of the necklace is the paw-shaped pendant, measuring 14.5 mm, a symbol of love for our little four-legged treasure. Available in three color variations, you have the option to choose the one that best matches your look or mood.

Our “Paw Necklace” conforms to current Italian regulations, which means it is safe and free of harmful elements. A perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.


Chain length: 40 cm + 5 cm

Pendant size: 14.5 mm

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